Features and Options

Taveo is the simplest, easiest to use link tracking platform available today. In addition to click tracking, we offer private statistics, the ability to dynamically redirect (aka route) to different destinations and conversion tracking. Learn more below...

Private Statistics keep your clicks to yourself

Other click tracking and URL shortening services (such as bit.ly and goo.gl) allow anyone to view click statistics. We keep your click data private.

Use your existing Domain look professional

We are the only click tracking platform available today that allows you to use your existing domain for links. You don't need a separate tracking domain, any existing domain will work. Learn more.

Real Time Reporting view your clicks as they happen

Access to Taveo's exclusive Live View, A real-time peek into your clicks. View clicks and conversions as they happen! Get instant access to click data such as; IP address, Referrer, Browser Language and User-Agent and more. Learn more.

Dynamic Destinations dynamic, rule based destination URLs

Dynamic destinations allow you to specify rules describing what destination URL to use for each click. You can make rules for Geolocation, browser language, Operating System, random (A/B testing!) and time expiring. Learn more.

Robot Detection Googlebot and his pals

All of your clicks are separated into 3 categories web robots, mobile devices and desktop devices. You can quickly and easily separate the automated traffic from real users. Detect advertising fraud, know when bots crawl your site and more.

Conversion Tracking measure your marketing effectiveness

Track which clicks lead to valuable conversions. Our flexible system lets you define a conversion to be whatever you want.

Download your Data no service lock-in

Download a complete archive of the data we have collected. Aggregate with other platforms or perform your own analysis.

WordPress Plugin Available One click Link creation within Wordpress

Integrates with WordPress (and other popular platforms). Automatically create a new Taveo link for each post. Get the Plugin.

A Robust API Integrate with your current products

Create Links, Find current Links, pull an account overview or statistics. Our full featured API will allow you to use Taveo on your terms! Learn More.

Works with No-Script and Ad-Blockers javascript NOT required

Taveo's unique method of tracking clicks means incoming users of Ad-blocking, No Script and similar services can still be counted and analyzed. Read more.

Mobile Deep Linking Supported use withing your iOS / Android App

We support mobile deep linking. This means your destination URL can start with twitter://, fb://, etc. Combined with dynamic destinations, you can send Android users to a fb:// deep link and Desktop users to https://facebook.com!

URL Parameters Saved add parameters to your links

Taveo preserves url parameters in your links. If you create a link and add parameter (ex: http://tav.so/xb65f?utm_source=facebook) those tags will be copied to your destination URL (ex: http://site.com/page.html?utm_source=facebook). Learn more.