Click Tracking Made Easy!

Short URLS to track clicks & conversions from wherever you post them.


Click Tracking & Short URLs

How it works

1. Create a Link

Login to your Taveo account and create a new Link. You can use our short domain ( or your own.

2. Publish the URL

Publish the URL wherever you want. Add it to social media, your website or use it for an ad.

3. Track your Clicks

See where your clicks are coming from. See stats by date, geo-location, device type and more.

4. Track Conversions

Understand what users do after they click on your links with our easy conversion tracking tools.

Track Clicks & Conversions measure your marketing effectiveness

Track where clicks are coming from and which clicks lead to valuable conversions. Our flexible system lets you define a conversion to be whatever you want.

Real Time Reporting view your clicks as they happen

Access to Taveo's exclusive Live View, A real-time peek into your clicks. View clicks and conversions as they happen! Get instant access to click data such as; IP address, Referrer, Browser Language and User-Agent and more.

Dynamic Destinations dynamic, rule based destination URLs

Dynamic destinations allow you to specify rules describing what destination URL to use for each click. You can make rules for Geolocation, browser language, Operating System, random (A/B testing!) and time expiring. Read more.

Use your existing Domain look professional

You can use our free domain, your current domain or register a custom one just for Taveo. The choice is yours.

Private Statistics keep your clicks to yourself

Other click tracking and URL shortening services (such as and allow anyone to view click statistics. We keep your click data private.

Robot Detection Googlebot and his pals

Taveo analyzes clicks to determine how many web robots have clicked on your links. Easily separate the bot traffic from real users.