Simple, easy to use click based Analytics. Generate short URL's and track clicks.

Who is clicking your links?  

How it works

1. Create a Link

Login to the Taveo admin panel and create a new link. You can use our short domain ( or utilize your own.

2. Publish the URL

Publish the resulting URL wherever you want. Tweet it out, add it to your blog or use it for an advertising campaign. The possibilities are endless.

3. Analyze the Results

Using Taveo's advanced statistics and reporting, analyze who clicked your link. You can see breakdowns by date, geo-location, device type and more.

A simple Example:

John runs a popular Blog and is about to Tweet out his newest post. He wants to analyze how many of his followers click on the URL in his tweet.

John uses Taveo to create a link. Taveo transforms his url from to

John tweets: "Hey Everyone, just posted my newest thoughts on #popular_thing, check it out"

Taveo now monitors incoming traffic for John's link, enabling him to analyze exactly who read his blog through Twitter.

Advanced Usage:

Sally runs a mobile app company. Her newest cross platform app is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

She would really like a single URL that can send Android devices to the Play Store and iPhones to the Apple Store.

Sally uses Taveo to create a dynamic link, sending iPhone users to and Android users to

She can now use her newly created dynamic link for an upcoming advertising campaign, automatically routing all clicks to the correct app store!

She also recieves the benefit of Taveo's click tracking and auditing features.

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Dynamic Destinations dynamic, rule based destination URLs

Dynamic destinations allow you to specify rules dicting what destination URL to use for each click. You can make rules for Geolocation, browser language, Operating System, random (A/B testing!) and time expiring. Read more.

Use your existing Domain look professional

You can use our free domain, your current domain or register a custom one just for Taveo. The choice is yours.

Download your Data no service lock-in

Download a complete archive of the data we have collected. Aggregate with other platforms or perform your own analysis.

WordPress Integration easy to use

Integrates with WordPress (and other popular platforms). Automatically create a new Taveo link for each post.

Works with No-Script and Ad-Blockers javascript NOT required

Taveo's unique method of tracking clicks means incoming users of Ad-blocking, No Script and similar services can still be counted and analyzed. Read more.

Robot Detection Googlebot and his pals

Taveo analyzes clicks to determine how many web robots have clicked on your links. You can quickly and easily separate the automated traffic from real users. Detect advertising fraud and more.